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Hello to all who have taken the NCLEX i have read the rules and regulations page on Pearson etc but was wondering about how the actual test itself works based on what they give you during the test.

I have been told you get scratch paper and a pencil from them for the exam, are you able to write down things on that paper like make a chart of lab values from memory to help you or any memorics of course once the exam is in progress not before or anything? I know they video record you and I don't know if that is against any rules to put your brains down?

also are you able to write down things about questions to help you out or is that frowned upon i like to work things out on paper sometimes so i just don't want to do anything that can get me in trouble etc.


I was given a plastic board and marker. Not paper and pencil.

I was told you can make notes on it AFTER you have completed the tutorial. Anything written on it before that is considered brain dumping and is not allowed. Also, the time you take to do the tutorial is considered part of your time. I didn't know how much time I would end up needing so I didn't spend a lot of time on the tutorial.

Good luck

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