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Nclex rn in two days help! Advice needed!

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Hey everyone, I am freaking out right now. I test in two days and I do not feel prepared. I have been averaging in the 50s in Uworld and I am not the best of test takers.I tend to get very nervous during big exams. My Uworld scores have been in the 50's (a few 40s a few 60s) and I just finished all 2000 questions and just did another 75 question exam and got a 72. I also did the two assessment predictors and got a very high chance of passing on the first one and a borderline on the second one. However, I feel like there is too much to know for the exam and that it is frankly impossible to know everything. I also do not feel like my college prepared me enough for this exam. I keep reading different forums and some say that there exam was focused on content and others say that they passed because of test taking strategies. I am curious on what your experience with the nclex-rn has been.

Any advice on how to succeed during this exam? What is the exam like? Is it similar to Uworld and in what ways?

And if there was one thing that you wish you knew before you took the NCLEX-RN, what was it? Thank you so much.

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