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Hello everyone . I take my NCLEX RN in 3 weeks . I’ve been utilizing uworld , a prioritization and delegation book by lacharity and I refer to my NCLEX Saunders book here and there . Does anyone have any advice for me ? So far I feel pretty calm about the test . I’ve been an LPN for 6 years and I’m so excited about transitioning to RN . Anyone just recently tested that can offer advice ? Oh and someone sent me some audio files of Mark Klemeks but I haven’t listened to them yet .

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magnoliablush, ASN, RN

Has 3 years experience.

Hi! So it sounds like you are studying, that is great! I did UWorld, and the Hurst Live Review, and passed in 75, 1 1/2 hours. 🙂 You will do great. Plus you are an LPN already. You have tons of experience, and are already a safe practicing nurse. 🙂 Just be calm, I'm sure the testing process is the same as it was when you tested for LPN. Good luck!!