nclex rn 2016


I appeared on nclex rn on feb 2016 and did 265 questions for 5 hours?

Any ideas pass or fail? The last question 100% sure is correct

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Welcome to AN! You reached the maximum number of questions, which means that either you were very close to passing or very close to failing. Basically, you were hovering right around that line. That means that there is no way to know (and really, it's the same for everyone) if you passed or failed until Quick Results are available if your state participates or you see your name appear with a license on your state BON website.


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I also took the NCLEX-RN recently. Feb 6th. I am not confident at all. PC turned off at 76 questions, and I felt like the questions were convoluted. I feel like the test was a blur, finished it in less than an hour. Had quite a few SATA, questions about evidence based practice, and at some point in the middle, a question to calculate intake. Any idiot could answer this intake question, which leads me to believe I must have done horribly to get such a question. too afraid to do the PVT, I cant afford to toss $200 out the window. Since i'm in Ca, I have to wait forever for my results. already have my application to retest downloaded and ready to mail. Hopefully I will be surprised, however I am not holding my breath.


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Thanks Rose....I am in California and there is no quick result. So, waiting and crossing my fingers are the only options.