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hi, i took my nclex rn on july 28th, so it's been about 9 business days. i took my boards in california. does anyone know how possible it is to pass when you get all 265 questions? and does anyone know what type of envelope you get in the mail if you pass, or what type of envelope you get in the mail if you fail. and also about how long does it take to get results.

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Average wait time in CA for the RN license is ten days, and it can take up to a a month. It is dependent on having a completed file. CA BRN will permit a new CA grad to sit for the exam before they have received the transcripts as long as the student's name is on a roster provided by the school. But they will not issue a license until the file is complete.

We recommend that you wait two weeks and if do not hear anything by then, please contact them to make sure that your file is complete.

All of this is based on those that actually hold SSN#s; if not, the wait is 2 1/2 weeks before the letters are sent out. They do not issue a license without a SSN#.

Best of luck to you.

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Forgot to add that 85% pass the first time and the number of questions that one receives on the exam has no bearing on the results.

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