I am really excited to take this exam. Heck I wish it was Monday already so I can get over this! Been studying for the pass months and I don't feel nervous at all. I don't really study as hard as most of you do. I just go over 50-100 questions every other day and read a chapter or two. I dont know if this is a good thing or a bad thing. I am just gonna accept this nclex with open arms and embrace it as it is. Pray for me guys! Thank you so much because I have been reading a lot of your posts and I have learned ALOT! ^_^ GOD BLESS US ALL. :)


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I take mine tomorrow at 2pm. Pretty nervous! Good luck!


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I was the same way for mine! I did the Hurst review, read their book twice and did a few practice questions. The night before, my friends & I went out for dinner & a couple drinks. Walking into the test, I pretty much felt good...and felt the same way coming out of the exam 30 minutes later! Luckily, I passed! :laugh: You know the information, you passed nursing school, you can do it!


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Mine's tomorrow too. I feel like you do and did what you did. Just wanting to get it over with at this point. lol

Good luck to you. :)