nclex-rn help desperately needed


Hello all! I am wondering if anyone has any advice on a "study plan" or how I should approach retaking my NCLEX? I've been in a funk since I failed on the first attempt and need to start moving in a more positive direction.

Background info: BSN grad December 2012, attempted NCLEX August 2013 and unfortunately did not receive a passing score. During nursing school I was required to use ATI and have continued to utilize the accessible practice questions, I have done Hurst live review in the past and I am currently using Kaplan 2013-2014 NCLEX-RN prep book

What is the most important thing to focus on in preparation for the NCLEX, practice questions, reviewing core content, tutoring, pharmacology, etc?

Also can anyone recommend books or resources that have been especially helpful?

Any and all help/advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks, Allie


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i too graduated in Dec 2012 and took my first exam march 2013, did not pass.

I felt miserable, but kept telling myself I was going to pass this no matter what. I used Kaplan and did at least 300 questions a day, listened to the videos and doing more questions during the lessons, I used the decision tree they preached about all the time, sometimes it worked, some other times I just remember the material and was able to figure things out. I used my yellow saunders book, it became my Bible, because everytime I would get a wrong answer on Kaplan I would go back to Saunders and read upon it.

My took my exam again this past week and was blessed to see "pass" next to my name.

don't give up and use your time to continue to work hard and apply yourself. good luck!