NCLEX -RN in 2 days!!! Prayers please!


Hello all, I am taking the NCLEX for the third time in two days and I am reaching out to this amazing community for good vibes and prayers and any tips that may help me pass this 3rd time!

I've constantly been checking this site out for support and am so thankful this website exists it's been very helpful!

I hope to one day be able to post here and help anyone else that may be struggling to pass the NCLEX!

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Today: Do your normal routine.

Day before: NO STUDYING!!!! You might want to do a few (less than 50) questions to keep your brain primed for answering those style questions. Relax, eat well, and get some good sleep.

Day of: Wake up, eat a good breakfast that's got a lower glycemic index, high-ish on the protein. Arrive about 30 minutes early and bring exactly and only what they list. Leave everything that you don't need with you in the exam center either at home or locked up in your car. You do NOT want to have your exam invalidated because you checked your cell phone that you locked in the supplied locker...


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Good luck! I just passed mine, so I know the anxiety. Do whatever you would normally do before a big test in school! For me, that meant hitting my notes hard the night before.

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Good Luck Dear! Prayers for you!! Just remember that take you're time, do you're Best and the answer is just in front of you!:)