NCLEX RN August 1st!!!

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Hey everyone! Just wanted to say how amazing allnurses is. Whenever I freak out about taking the NCLEX I come back to this site and put myself at ease. I graduated in May and am taking my exam on August 1st! There are times when I am confident and know I can do it but other times I freak out!! I have been studying everyday using Kaplan. I am taking question trainer 6 tomorrow and am very worried about it because I have been told QT6&7 are the closest thing to the real NCLEX. I have been scoring in the 60s-70s on the qbanks. My QT scores so far are:

1. 49.3% (bad day and i rushed through them)

2. 70.7

3. 59.0

4. 58.7

5. 58

I'm a bit nervous because these scores are in the high 50s but people that have passed the NCLEX with 75 questions usually scores in the 60s. I'm staying positive though and studying hard! Any kind of advice, encouragement or tips that you can share would be greatly appreciated! I cannot wait to get this test over with and be an RN!!!! :nurse:

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