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I'm an RN in the Philippines.I submit my application for NCLEX at CABON last August but until now still waiting for eligibility/ ATT. At first my TOR was lost(i got tracking bt it says it was received),after 1 mo.processing in the phils,my school sent another TOR. We tracked & it say they received it already so we tried calling & it keeps going to the voicemail, & after 1 week i received a letter frm CABON questioning the sequence of my course( courses/credits in the phils was given by the school),& asking my clinical cases( wherein at first the evaluator told us that i don't need the clinical cases coz i'm 2006 graduates & they only requiring for those 2008 graduates), so i asked my school to send my clinical cases which took a month, now they are questioning my clinical cases. I'm just so frustrated that it's like evrything i passed there's a question. how can i be a nurse in the Philippines if my documents aren't acceptable. Anybody experience this problem before? Any advice that u can give will really appreciated. Tnx


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hi, i think this tight processing for international nurses started last 2011. im a grad in phil too. my batchmates already applied on the nclex here in CA. and they got there ATT and took the test. unfortunately some failed. and when they re-applied again. it's weird that they require them additional applications like rotations and the like. and the worst thing is they require them to study for 3-6 months for a certain unit before re-applying again. How can they be eligible on the 1st take where in the 2nd application they are not eligible. lol but 1 of my batchmate already contact the BON about it. and sad to say she can't do anything about it. and the BON response/decision was final. i think it depends upon your evaluator :(

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Check the international forum as there are several threads discussing this very issue. Per CA law all clinical experiences must be taken concurrently with theoretical. No exceptionsm it has been on the books for quite some time just not fully enforced. This is affecting nurses from other countries and areas not just Filipino nurses.


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@schizoh: yes, it's jst so frustrating.. & u would not believe that yesterday i called they said there's a problem with my clinical cases & i called again awhile ago they said they didn't received my clinical cases yet so i told that they said they received already & they want me to fax the tracking & the email that they sent me that they received it so i'll fax it later bt i'm planning to go to Sacramento to ask questions about evrything.


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@justbeachynurse: tnx for the info, really appreciate it.

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Moved to the international forum, as mentioned there are a few threads discussing this


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@sallyp911: tnx for the info..