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Helpful hints please.... So desperate to pass nclex...


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hi,, from hawaii too,. just took my exam last march 15,. and i used mainly saunder's 5th comprehensive book and kaplan 2008-2009 edition on the later part of my review for strategies only., :D

How was the exam??


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tbh, it was hard, there's bunch of SATA like 40 percent of my exam i guess, 3 ordered, 2 chart/item analysis, 2 drugs, 1 ECG.. and there's a lot of prioritization and delegation too,.,you know the feeling that it seems like you can't recall or you don't have any idea at all on what is being ask even tho you know to yourself that you've read already,. and i really felt devastated when my computer shut off, that i already accepted to myself that i didn't make it,. but yeah just cling to "HIM" and everything will okay,. :D


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btw you're here in Hi right? are you joining the review by philcom center?


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Answer the 200 SATA of's much more harder compare to NCLEx...and also infection control

@pidgz no, did you try it??

thank you for your advise...

but that's a lot of Sata on your exam... Thank God you made it...

@engrnurse2014 thank you for stopping by...:)

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