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NCLEX 2020 results check stopped at 130 questions

Hello friends! I just took my NCLEX RN yesterday at westlake California, 12nn and stopped at 130 questions as well. I felt I did not do good with the exam but.. I knew I was also having a chance of passing it since I went way pass the 60 minimum questions. Anyways I did not do PVT trick anymore but I’m super nervous of the result.

My question are:

-were there any changes in your breeze account options while waiting for the result?

- what was the time line before California BON sent the result and posted in breeze website?

thanks fellow nurses.. 🙂

Hello just an update: I passed my exam and knew it from quick results option. DCA/ BREEZE posted my name and license exactly after 12mn 3 days after my exam which is Sunday aug 2nd. Thanks fellow nurses and God bless. 🌸


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