I took NCLEX last Tuesday 8/2 and stopped at 75 with a sata question. I tried the PVT and it says “result on hold”. And result is not available up til now 8/8, Monday. From other people’s experience, it seems like there’s a lot of irregularities on my end. My computer never asked me if I wanted to take a break or not. I took a short break because I needed to use the bathroom so bad and that only took 2-3 mins. I wasn’t scanned before and after my bathroom break and even after my test. They only checked my ID. The torture of waiting is so bad as I can’t even reschedule my test. I guess the good thing about this is that there’s still hope. Anyone else experienced this? It’s 6 days from my test now. Nothing has changed on PV. Just waiting and praying for positive result despite all the irregularities. 

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I had to wait 6 weeks for my results back in the day before computer testing.



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Wow that’s a long wait!