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NCLEX resources- uworld and hurst

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Hey guys. I'm always reading forums on this website so I decided to join. I just wanted to get everyone's opinion on uworld since I'm considering getting it for more practice to better prepare for the nclex. I have previously taken the nclex pn in 2014 and am now taking the nclex rn February 2nd and even though I know what to expect I have been so nervous! I also use the Saunders 6th edition book for practice questions as well.


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I have no opinion on Uworld since I never utilized it. However, I found the Hurst Review helpful (the title of your thread does mention the Hurst Review, so I assume you want opinions on that one, too).

Oh I thought I wrote hurst in the title as wellí ½í¸‚ I don't really know how to work this website yet. But I really love hurst too. I used it for lpn also o it's helped me a lot in the past.


I just took NCLEX on the 10th and passed in 75 questions. I used uworld and i LOVED it. I did not do kaplan or hurst. Uworld has extensive rationales and they provided pictures that were very helpful. The layout was exactly the same as NCLEX. I have told everyone of my friends to use it because I felt it was affordable and extremely helpful. I hope this helps you.

Thanks! I actually bought uworld the other day and really like the rationales and how you can make different exams. I feel like the anxiety just isn't going to go away until I actually take the exam but I'm hoping doing all of these practice questions will make me feel better!:dead:


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