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When You're Done... I have a few things I need from the store.

Studying for NCLEX takes up so much of your time and concentration. Just taking a break, even if it is going to the store, is a relief. Or, is it?

How do you find relief?

Wlaurie, RN

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When I took my NCLEX several years ago I studies maybe between 4-6 hours a day. Until I took it I considered it my job. I would sit down to study and set the timer for maybe one hour or 2 hours and when the timer went off I got up and did something else that was hopfully fun and de-stressing. At that point even doing a load of laundry or something mundane like that was considered a fun activity.


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When I did it, I didn't set a timer LOL, but I remember testing from a slew of different sources.  I relieved stress by taking grown up (non-virgin) breaks.  ha ha h! shhhh

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