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How many had a lot of different things covered in their nclex? I've read tons of posts where people had several select all that apply, delegation, fill ins etc. I had 1 delegation question, one fill in the blank that was a math question, a lot of prioritization, a few teaching, 2 room assignment/isolation, 2-3 ob questions, maybe 2 peds, a few teaching...1 or 2 was pt. know teaching was/wasn't successful when teh pt states... and a few the nurse is holding a staff conference on xyz what should she include. My priority ones were so scattered on content, from priority assessment of a se of a med, priority assessment post op, who to see first. It really seemed like no one thing ie disease etc was covered more than once...except diverticulitis, had 2 q's on it. Does this sound good or bad? I only had 75 q's. It seemed like after the initial I don't know howmany, i'd have quite a few priority ones, then something, a few more priority ones then something. The wait is killing me!


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okay, calm down!

sound pretty normal to me as far as the questions that they asked you.

and usually when you comp. shut's off that early it's a good sign.

good luck!


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Get some rest, there is absolutely nothing that you can do to change the outcome of your exam. :wink2:


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Hello ohiomom!

I found out today that I passed my boards and you and I had a very similar exam--# of q's and exact type of questions. Hopefully this will put your mind a ease some....have did great :) !!

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