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NCLEX 75 Q's "On Hold" After PVT Trick

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Background information: Took my NCLEX for the first time today and the test shut off at 75 Q's. Had 25+ SATA, a handful of priority questions, a few "put in a correct order" form of questions, and specific medications questions as well. No hot spot questions, med calculations. Finished the test a little before 4 hours.

How I felt about the test: It was definitely challenging. I have been reviewing with Kaplan and Saunders for about two months since I graduated in May. I consider myself a very thorough person so I really wanted to take my time to review content as well as get a good strategy down before test day. Despite all that, I still felt as though I wasn't sure about anything. For every question, I had carefully analyze rather than just remember something I memorized. So I felt as though I didn't get any "below the pass line" questions. My heart was racing after and during every question and I took two breaks so I collect myself when I felt a little too overwhelmed and there were a few of the questions really required a lot of thinking I'd get lost in my own thought processes.

PVT Trick: So I tried this trick an hour or two after the test and it led me all the way up to submitting my credit card. Of course, I panicked because all the PVT tricks I've been seeing about people passing were that they did not even have to put in their credit card information. At this point all I'm thinking is, "Omg, I did not pass."

So just to be sure, I put in all my credit card information and hit 'submit'. Then I get a notification at the top in big bold red letters saying: "The candidate currently has test results that are on hold. A new registration cannot be completed this time." So what does this mean? I couldn't pay with my credit card so there's is there a chance I didn't fail? I am in California, so I don't have the Quick Results option. Any ideas of what may have happened? Or what to expect? Help!

The PVT is dead. They did an upgrade and it went away. No way to predict pass or fail. Just be calm and wait for your results. If you want more info, use the search bar. There have been about a million and a half posts just like yours this week.

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The old PVT is dead. The functionality is actually still there... it's just that if your result as of the most recent scoring (each exam is scored twice) is a fail, then the billing system will complete the transaction and you'll pay $200 for another exam attempt - even if you pass at the second scoring.