NCLEX Pretest/predictor: Preparatory Study Guide

Is there an NCLEX pretest/predictor I can buy/use? What is the best NCLEX resource in your opinion?


I graduated nursing school a few years ago, and did NOT pass the NCLEX my first, or my second time. I just cannot continue working at non-nursing jobs, when I went through nursing school with blood, sweat, and tears. 

I'm not a great test taker, but I have to pass the NCLEX... in order to be at peace with myself, if nothing else.

After failing it twice... I really don't want to gamble anymore.

So, I was wondering if there is an NCLEX Pretest or Predictor available online. Ideally free would be best, but I would be willing to purchase one if it was worth the buy. I would REALLY appreciate any help you could offer me with this. 

I have studied very hard both times, and did not pass. I'm studying hard now, but am concerned I will fail it again. I would sincerely appreciate some type of NCLEX pretest and/or predictor that could give me a good idea weather or not I am ready to take it a third time, and potentially identify my strengths and weaknesses across the 8 sections the NCLEX tests for.

Management of Care (20%)

Safety and Infection Control (12%)

Health Promotion and Maintenance (9%)

Psychosocial Integrity (9%)

Basic Care and Comfort (9%)

Pharmacological and Parenteral Therapies (15%)

Reduction of Risk Potential (12%)

Physiological Adaptation (14%)

Does ANYONE know of a quality resource like this you could recommend?

Also, IN YOUR OPINION what do you think is the BEST resource to prepare for the NCLEX overall???  I am looking for a good study plan as well. I am not sure how many questions I should do a day. How much book studying I should do in a day. 

I have been using the Saunders book and Saunders NCLEX flashcards, watching the HURTZ videos. 

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honestly, do the alpha slice program. there are a ton of people just like your situtation who used the program and completely succeeded. im currently using the program and I'm so glad I found it!!