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I graduated from my ADN program in early May and just received my ATT. I'm wavering between scheduling the test for May 30 or June 5. Not sure if I want to take it before I forget everything or have an extra week to prep! Any suggestions?

My school used Kaplan and I scored 66.1% on the Kaplan Diagnostic A and 66.7% on the Kaplan Predictor A (meaning a 98.15% chance of passing the NCLEX).

I'm planning to start working on the QBank questions and finish Question Trainers 4-7 before the exam... what else should I be doing?


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Take it as soon as possible. There is no need to add an extra week of stress for no real benefit. By your scores, you are ready. NCLEX prep is designed to get you in the mindset of answering NCLEX style questions. Nursing school provided the content. I didn't "feel" any more prepared week 3-5 studying. You will always feel like "am I ready?" I was so worried going into the testing site. I left an hour later after 75 questions and said to myself "This is what I was stressing out over for the last 5 weeks?" I could tell by the questions that I was in the groove of passing, just waiting for question 75. I would get a multi choice (correct), then SATA (wrong), muti choice (correct), SATA (correct), SATA (wrong), multi choice (correct). I could anticipate the next type of question based on if I knew I got the previous question right or wrong.

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Thank you! I scheduled it for May 30. Averaging about 65% on the QBank questions so far...

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I took it this afternoon and it shut off after 75 questions in about 45 minutes (I'm a fast test-taker). I just had to try the PVT, and it gave me the good pop-up. Keeping my fingers crossed!