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I have a question about preparing for the NCLEX, because I'm taking it in about a month and am wondering if that's enough time to adequately prepare? I did fairly well in school, but I'm a terrible test taker, and I don't feel like Kaplan has helped that much!! What am I doing wrong? As of now, I'm doing about 100 questions a day, and so far I've completed about 700 questions. Will ONE MONTH be enough time to prepare if I study Saunders everyday? And do Test Questions, and review my notes?

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There is no way to predict if you will be read to take the NCLEX next month,only you can have a "feeling" whether you trullly are ready,no one else.There are diagnostic tests that can predict your readiness but I dont know how accurate they are.Make sure you review the body systems and do plenty of questions.


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I've been studying for 3 weeks and if i let my anxiety get to me I'd keep pushing my NCLEX date back. I think you need to hit the books hard, realize that you'll never remember every little detail, and go for it. My best suggestion is to answer as many NCLEX style questions as possible. You'll feel much more comfortable about it then.

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