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NCLEX postponed & questions regarding license transfer to NY

by chill55 chill55 (New) New Nurse Student

Hi! Hope everyone is staying safe out there.

I graduated in December with my BSN and moved home to Philadelphia. I applied for PA licensure and got my ATT in February but then the COVID crisis broke out so my test date has been pushed 3 times. It’s now scheduled for June which is just a bummer in general. Has anyone experienced this/found a way to get through to PearsonVue? Let me know.

Moving on to my main question- I am supposed to start a new job the first week of July in New York City. I’m taking my NCLEX through the PA Board of Nursing so I wanted to know if anyone has had any recent experience transferring a license to NY state. I called the NYBON and the woman told me 6 weeks. I have seen some posts on here about it taking months but they were mostly from 6+ years ago. I have also seen posts about it taking 2 weeks, but those posts were also outdated. If my exam date stays as is (fingers crossed), I just want to know the range of how long it could take to finally be licensed in NY state so I can relay that information to my employer.

Any information would help! I would also love to hear if anyone else is struggling with postponed exams. I haven’t seen anyone post about it yet and it would be nice to commiserate/hear what others are doing about it.

Stay safe.

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Endorsement generally relies on how timely the state receives the paperwork