NCLEX PN today, I feel sick


Yes, another sad post. :crying2: OMG, I so didn't pass. The questions started easy, then got hard, but towards the end- I swear some of them were easy until the last five or so. Oh goodness. Then on the way home I kept going over some of the questions that stuck out in my mind and I KNOW I answered them wrong. I'm like "Duh! I freakin knew that one!" I will feel so bad if I failed, because there goes my job. I can no longer work as a GPN if I fail, and I don't have a CNA certificate to fall back on. I went to my job after the exam to get my schedule for the rest of the week and everyone was telling me "I'm sure you passed!" "You know your stuff, you did fine!" But it doesn't feel that way. Even my mother is telling me how sure she is that I passed, and I will feel so ashamed come Wednesday and I find out I failed. :o Thanks for letting me vent...


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hang in there kiyasmom. as i said in another post, no one walks away from the test thinking that they aced it. the nclex isn't one of those types of tests. everyone walks out of there feeling like they failed, or after the initial feeling of "hey, i didn't do so bad" they start second guessing themselves and convince themselves that they failed.

i posted this somewhere else, too. i know it wasn't in this forum though.

in 2004, 87,173 candidates sat for the nclex-rn for the first time. keep in mind that 85.26% of these people passed the nclex on their first try. if you've studied and applied yourself, you have that great statistic on your side.

i know it's hard to see the forest through the trees when you come out, but keep positive, and let us know how you did.

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