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NCLEX-PN test takers in CA

For those who live in California & have taken the NCLEX-PN in March - hopefully this thread will help us all talk about our wait.

Has anyone heard about their results yet?

I took mine on 3/20 - today is DAY 11. I'm hoping I get the results SOON!

Does anyone know the shortest and longest time someone has had to wait for snail mail!?! So far i've only seen 12 days to 6 weeks [6 weeks and they STILL passed!]

Good luck to those who read this and are awaiting results or will be taking the exam soon.

The PN exam usually takes about three weeks to get the results in CA, and then that is not the license. Is CA, you do not pay for the actual license until you pay the bill that comes with the passing letter.

You will be getting a letter, would just wait for it to arrive by snail mail, there is not a thing that you can do to speed it up.

I took the NCLEX-PN April 10, 2008 and Im still waiting for my results. The computer stopped after 85 questions and I walked out of there speechless. So far my LVN class of 21 people is 100% pass rate, I hope & pray that i'll continue the passing streak!

Hi I took my LVN test on March 25, 2008. It's been 4 weeks yesterday. I decided to call the BVN last Thursday(4/24/08) to ask what was going on. I actually got through after about a hundred tries to their number which is ALWAYS busy. The lady I spoke with said that they were currently working on the the tests that were taken on March 24th - my batch was next. She told me to expect it in about a week. I'm wondering if this is the same for everyone and what does this mean? Did a lot of people fail or pass? Please let me know if you've talked to the BVN and if there is any information - anything at all that might help. I shut off at 205 and now I'm thinking I must have failed that's why they are not really worried about getting my results to me quickly. I probably sound crazy but this wait seriously is getting to me. :uhoh21:

The manually review the test scores and then the rest of the file, and that is done by a human. With the increase in graduates now, it can take longer at times to get the letter, whether passing or not passing.

The average wait time is at least three weeks, and can be longer due to the work load at their office, until you receive your results in the mail, do not read anything into it.

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