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Hello I wanted to know if there was anyone that recently took their Pn boards & would like to share their study tips & advice before taking it, I see a lot of RN post but not too many PN post and I'm looking for encouragement .thank you

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Hello there. I took the NCLEX-PN On Feb 23rd and passed. I graduated in Dec and took a few weeks off to enjoy my friends and family, but as soon as I received my ATT (and picked out my testing date) I put together a 6 week study plan. I heavily utilized Saunders for my studying. I read the book for refreshers and clarification on content I had forgotten or wasn't strong in, but spent majority of my time doing questions on the online portion of the Saunders book. I am a visual learner so I used diagrams, color coding, and flashcards to aid me in my studies.

Whenever I got a question wrong I would review the rationale and then make a flashcard about it (It's actually a good idea to review the rationale for the questions you got correct as well). I made flashcards for lab values, facts about insulin, common meds, and things of that nature. Speaking of meds, I made sure to learn about them based on their classifications. More often than not, I found that a good portion of the meds in a classification have similar side effects, adverse effects, and etc. There are exceptions of course, but knowing the classification helped me out a great deal.

I also took a NCLEX prep class two weeks before I took the exam. The class was amazing and well worth the money. The instructor gave the class a lot of material that I used to make some of my flashcards with. This is the same packet I received during the prep class.

I hope my post was helpful.


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Thank you sooo much, and congratulations