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Has anyone taken the NCLEX PN on November 19th, 2018 and not recieved their results yet?..

I have been patiently waiting for mine and it is almost 3 and a half weeks now. I did not do the PVT because I am skeptical but on my breeze profile, I have the interim permit option in the drop down tab of manage applications, which changed last week.

Change name application

Request for verification letter

Vocational Nurse exam retake application

Vocational Nurse interim permit application

When I go on breeze and apply to re-take the exam, it gives me an error saying:

"You are unable to proceed with this application at this time. This may be due to one of the following reasons:

1.A similar open application exists.

2.The license is cancelled.

3.The license is delinquent.

I sure as hell hope this is a good sign but I have been relying on my breeze for hope....anyone else in the same boat, from November 19th 2018?....

When I contacted Pearson vue's online chat thing, the guy said to wait 4-6 weeks until the board releases the scores which wasn't helpful. I tried numerous times contacting the board but I never get through to an actual human being and it always says busy, call again...ughhh..is there any way to contact breeze and ask?...

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Go to that link and it will bring up a page with a few options to click, you click on the 4th option down that says "nurse license verification". It will take you to another web page. On the next webpage scroll down and there will be 3 options to choose from... nursys e-notify, QuickConfirm License Verification, and Nurse License Verification for Endorsement. You are going to pick the middle one that says QuickConfirm License Verification. It will say look up license.

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Oh okay, I don't see anything. It says cant find... dunno if I'm doing it right tho

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