Today I took my NCLEX-PN exam. I got all 205q's. Everybody kept telling me to do the PVT. I didn't get the good pop up. It took my credit card, it took me to the "summary" page. Which is the final step before confirming your order. Does that mean I didn't pass? Or do I need to fully click everything and risk my card being charged?

A few friends told me to wait 24-48hrs. Cause it didn't work for them at first, but after 24hrs, they got the good pop up.

Im so scared that I've failed. I spoke with my instructor and she stated that, PER her meetings with state boards. She's been told that students who get all the questions, were fluctuating during the exam, good and bad. She said it comes down to the last 2-3 questions. If the last 2-3q'S are answered correctly, you pass. If not, you fail. She's not sure how accurate that information is, she was just stating what was told.

Also, does NCLEX take the last 60q'S if you get to 205? Or does it review the entire test?

Aside from all that. I got a total of 50 SATA questions, 3-5 of the kind where u need to put things in order, and 3-5 of the kind where it gives you like a patients chart to review things.

Any info you have regarding anything. Please let me know. Especially with the PVT.

I've taken NCLEX had all 205 qs tried the PVT trick and it took me to the CC screen Got my results in and I failed!


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I've heard of people still passing though.í ¾í´”

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The PVT is a game in which you submit your credit card information and if you passed the registration program isn't supposed to take your money and register you for another exam. You'd get a message along the lines of "this candidate has an open registration, another registration cannot be made at this time". If you've failed, it takes the payment you offered and registers you for that new exam.

It's a game, but in order to play it you have to risk $200, you have to actually submit that payment and see what happens. People will tell you to use an expired card, or change the expiration date, or something like that, but if your card is declined it doesn't always mean you've failed, it means it tested the card and found it to be invalid (bad info=bad card to the computer).

If you were above the passing standard at the time it shut off, you passed. If you were below the passing standard at that time, you failed.

The kind of questions, the format of questions, all of that means squat. Nothing. They're just ways of questioning you, has nothing to do with difficulty.

The NCLEX is reviewed for QI purposes and final determination is made by 24 hours after the test. No one knows exactly when, could be an hour, could be 23. So you risk the game taking your cash even more if you do it too early.

Sometimes it tells people what they want to know, and sometimes it doesn't. Most of the time if it takes your money you failed. Personally I think it's too much of a risk of $200 when in the end you, like everyone else who has EVER played the PVT, won't believe it and will insist on doing it again, and again. So what's the point?

If you can pay for Quick Results in your state, do it and be done with it. Check your BON website. Wait for official results. Anything else is just a game.