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NCLEX PN 7/3/14

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OMG!!! I took the NCLEX today it shut off on 85 questions :dead:, and I had like over 25 SATA questions. I do not do well on those type of questions. SO u know I am stressed out, I did the PVT and it told me that "I already had a scheduled test". with that I am a little at ease but still feel the stress creeping in from time to time. I just want some answers as to why all the SATA questions. At one point during the test I had gotten so many I started laughing to myself, i know that cameras at the testing site got a good show. LOL!!!


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Every single person that I know that had less than 100 questions before shut-off, passed the exam. I, too, passed, but with more than 125 questions, most of which had to do with cultural issues. I wouldn't worry about it...


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If the Pearson Vue trick says "our records indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam..." then that means you passed!! Congratulations!!! :up: Now its time to party xD

But yeah, just to ease your mind, you can pay to get your unofficial results 2 days after you have taken your exam. Thats what I did. You get your grade pass or fail online. Then about 1-2 weeks later you should receive a paper stating if you passed or failed and then within another 2wks or so your actual license :)

Congrts can you give me advise how did you study


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Hello, I took the NCLEX PN on july 1, also got the good pop up . im in cali, so we dodnt get to do the quick results, any news yet in black and white in the mail?!?

Hey can you give us any clues on what to expect? i take my wednesday?


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All I can say is expect the unexpected I tested the same day as 5 of my classmates all of our tests were different. And ranged from 85 questions to 205 questions. I barely had and med questions and the ones I got I didn't even know. I felt like every question was a sata. Someone got a bunch of med math..I didn't get one question. All I can say is take each question as it comes.NO WHAT IF...don't even go there! Take a breath after each question.