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NCLEX-PN.. Scared to death.


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I just got my ATT letter this morning. I had the choice of taking the test 12/20 or 1/5. I chose 12/20 bc I want to get it over with...

Now I'm scared to death.

I'm a BSN student in Florida PNEQ challenging the LPN bc I really need to make money and this CNA stuff isn't cutting it anymore.

A part of me wants to switch the date to 1/05/15 so I can have the max study time possible. On the other hand, I think my anxiety is raising doubt in my competency and i should just get it over with.

AHHHH! lol

I graduate in May 2015.

I'm just looking for anyone who felt/feels the same and how they decided to proceed.

Thanks In advance!!!!


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I'll bet you will do just fine. GOOD LUCK!!!!