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Hi guys,

I've recently finished school, have taken a review course (for what it was worth), and am presently using the Exam Cram and the Saunders for additional review while I wait for the letter stating when I can take my test. Its going on to three weeks now and have yet to hear from them. I'm starting to get nervous, don't ask me why.

Anyway back to what I was posting to begin with. Like I said before I was using the Pearson Exam Cram, and got a question pertaining the to position of the opening of the urethra on a baby's member in relation to Hypospadias. Now I know that in hypospadias the opening is on the ventral side of the member, yet the darn answer was marked incorrect.

I went bonkers....I take my studies very serious so I went on an all and out hunt for the correct answer only to confirm that I was right.

What a shocker that was. Here I was puchasing review books that can't even be counted on. Well my instructor told me to be confident in what I have learned. Well yes, of course, except for one little tiny point, the same people that wrote the review book also writes the NCLEX test. Pearson, the writers of the test istelf are writing review books. I'm scare really, really scared. Based on this, I don't even know how to answer. Here I'll be answering questions based on knowledge and they'll be marking them incorrect.

If Pearson who wrote the exam cram and also writes the NCLEX, how sure are we that the answers will be based on correct information. UGGGHHHHH.

Someone please let me know how you faired on the test and what review books was used. This is killing me.

I think I'm loosing it, but this really has me worried.


I found out that each of the review books I used had mistakes. When I had doubts with the incorrect answers, I did my research to confirm that I was right. I may have missed other questions with wrong answers that I didn't know which is quite a risk.

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Pearsonvue did not write NCLEX that job is NCSBN and they have nurses and nurse instructors that write the questions. Just check out the NCSBN website if you want to know more

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