2018 NCLEX-PN ran out of time, "good pop up"

Nursing Students NCLEX


I took my NCLEX-PN yesterday(7/19) for the first time. I was hoping and expecting the test to shut off at 85, but it DID NOT happen. I was devastated and my heart was beating out of my chest!!! I was like OMG I must did so bad...I couldn't focus and I knew I had to keep going. Questions 100, 120, 150, and 172...i ran out of time!!! Honestly, I was not rushed even I knew I wasn't going to finish all the questions.

PVT: good pop up (tired 3 times)

Ran out of time rule: they only grade the last 60 questions(no way i got all right/passing standard line)

BREEZE: not showing anything so far

Most questions I got: a lot of SATA, only one drag&drop, delegate tasks to UAP, mental health, prioritization

The 1st question i got, a Alzheimer client worries that she will be late for her class and states I don't want my students to wait for me. What does the nurse should reply?

-You are no longer teaching in school.

-I'm more interested what class you taught.

What you guys think about this question?

At this point, i'm so desperate to know if i'm pass or fail. I live in cali so i don't have quick access. I'm actually preparing for my next NCLEX, very upset :(

Keep hope alive, as far as you got a good pop up, it means you might have alreay passed. Goodluck!

Thank you:) I hope so.

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