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I'm a RN graduate May 2020 and took the NCLEX-PN today. I failed my first attempt with the NCLEX-RN earlier this month on 8/3/20. My wife lost it because I stubbornly did not study AND lost an amazing job opportunity. I had to get a job asap so I decided to take the LPN exam.

I got approval from my school and the BON. I studied 10-12hrs daily for two weeks straight. I tested this morning at 8am and got the good "pop-up"??

I used Nurse Achieve and Kaplan. I used Nurse Achieve for content review and the CAT exams. I also used Kaplan to expose me to super hard application and analysis questions. My scores were not the greatest but I have listed them below.

My NCLEX-PN had 11 SATA, 2 exhibit, lots of priority, some delegation, some pharmacology, and NO med math. The questions were somewhat vague and I have a bad habit of changing my answers. However, during the test I NEVER changed my answers because I noticed on my Kaplan tests I always changed correct answers to incorrect. I went with the first answer that popped into my mind and committed to it.


Qbank average 56%

Sample Test 1- 54%

Sample Test 2- 58%

Sample Test 3- 48% (alternative format) THESE WERE MUCH HARDER THAN THE NCLEX

Nurse Achieve CAT

fail (first one)

Pass-pass (on 6 other tests)

I never got a solid pass on Nurse Achieve but it was phenomenal practice and prep for the real NCLEX. I'm grateful and looking forward to my second attempt at the NCLEX-RN next month 9/19/20. I previously made a big mistake and did not prepare for the biggest test of my life and paid the price.

Now I'm going to enjoy this victory and play my racing games the rest of the day. However, tomorrow I start the studies again to prepare for the NCLEX-RN next month!

Good luck to everyone and I hope this post brought some measure of encouragement?

Stevo40, LPN

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It's official??? I passed and I'm a LPN??

Next up....RN

Now I can get a job finally after almost 3yrs and financially help my wife? Thank God??