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NCLEX-PN 115 Questions?

by Kwest2 Kwest2 (New) New

Hi, I sat for the NCLEX-PN yesturday afternoon at 2pm. I felt so confident going into the exam, and had completed most of Uworld (left about 50-60 questions) I was getting "very high" chance of passing on UWorld, and had no doubts. Well, after my exam I feel completely sick to my stomach, unable to eat, sleep, or even want to talk to any of my peers. I feel as if it was really hard, over 30+ SATA, medication questions, and Labs, and neuromuscular. My computer shut off at 115, and I'm left wondering how I could have ever passed, I was torn between a lot of questions, and guessed on most of them! Most of my friends passed with 85 questions. As soon as I hit 85 but was still testing, my anxiety went through the roof and I just couldn't focus anymore. Almost SURE I failed. Any one else pass with 115 questions and feel this way? In need of some encouragement.

Good luck ... with the NCLEX you never know ... you can pass or fail with any number of questions ... keep us posted