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NCLEX PN only 93 Q's


Has 3 years experience.

So I just took the NCLEX-PN and all I can do is cry! I only had 93 questions but there were so many drugs and priority questions, I doubt I passed! Those are the two subjects I struggled with the most and I studied them extra hard yet felt like I knew NOTHING once I got in there. Now the 48 hour wait to find out my results and another month and a half before I can reregister to take it. Ugh! 😢😢😢.

I'm afraid to try the PVT because I heard it doesn't work anymore. Does it!?

I really pray to God I passed. The struggles I've been through with nursing have seemed never ending. I just need some relief! After 5 years of nursing school for a BSN just to fail my 1st semester senior year, I need some reassurance that nursing is for me!

The PVT is wrong enough of the time to make it not worth the stress of doing it. If you get the "answer" you want, you'll feel good....and if you get the "bad" answer, you'll feel terrible. And neither will matter in the end, as the result doesn't always correlate with the trick.

When your results are available via Quick Results, pay the eight bucks and be done with it, officially!

BTW, the number of questions you had means nothing. And you got more of one type of question, in all likelihood, because you weren't doing well in that area (as you already know, it's a weak area for you). Test will continue to hammer those questions until it's certain you are competent or certain that you are incompetent. Sorry, that's just the wording that's used.

Good luck!


Has 3 years experience.

I just got my results and I PASSED!!! WOOHOO!!!!

Congrats, and welcome to the fold :D

Now you can tell everyone who asks "Has anyone ever felt this bad after taking NCLEX??" that YES, there are :)