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Just wondering if majority of questions on the 2018 nclex is select all that apply. Graduate in June and me and my classmates are anxious

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NCLEX is a computer-adaptive test. The first question is above the pass line. Depending on if you answered the first question right/wrong, the second question will be more difficult/less difficult. It is designed to find the "sweet spot" of the difficulty that you answer correctly. As a result, the difficulty of the current question depends on the previous question. Unlike nursing school tests in which everyone gets the exact same questions and your grade is based on the percentage of the number you answered correctly, no one has the exact same test on NCLEX. Theoretically, on the RN NCLEX you could alternate correct/incorrect answers on the first 75 questions and have it stop and pass (50.6% correct). The type of question (mult. choice/SATA/ arrange order) is not a determination of pass/fail. The more difficult the questions are, the better you are doing. Many finish the test thinking they failed because of the difficulty of the questions. In reality, they probably passed due to the amount of questions being above the pass line.

First commenter is right. No test is the same I had friends that had few SATA questions mines had at least 30 and cut off between 85-89 .I left thinking I failed but found out I passed 3 days later

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