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NCLEX PN-July 31 2014

by kasupuu kasupuu (New) New

I took my test this morning, my test stopped at 85questions, I have a question about the good pop mine says everything but contact the board of nursing. Anyone had that pop. Really anxious !


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No cc page...right..then you should be good. But it has to say delivered successful first then..try to schedule another test..it is doesn't go to cc page then that a good pop up.. everyone says something different but they most all 98% didn't get the cc page to pay for another test. Was it hard, and how was it...did you feel you new a lot of stuff?

Our record indicate that you have recently scheduled this exam. Another registration cannot be made at this time.

Thats the pop I'm getting..

I have mixed feelings about the exam... Some questions were really easy other questions were hard/confusing. Others I never heard of and a lot of SATA. Overall I thought the test was fair, nothing compared to what I had imagined It to be. I think it was easier than I thought. But I don't know if I passed my comp shut off at 85questions. When I left I felt like a complete failure. I pulled over from the highway to do the PVT. Can't wait for the unofficial results ...-(


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Sounds great..I think you passed. I thought the test wasn't very hard but I failed I went all the way through to 205 questions . But I had about 20 to 30 questions on drugs. Which was my weak area for sure...Congrats to you

I found the Kaplan book & nclex cram to be similar to nclex in the way the questions are. Never did Saunders it was too much for me and my school did ATI. Goodluck and don't give up ...I will let you when I get my unofficial results -:)