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NCLEX PN failed twice with 205 Q's


Hi all,

I sit for NCLEX PN on Dec.2014 and failed with 205 q's..and yesterday March 12 another 205 q's again and failed.I study everyday for more than 8 hours since i did not work but still FAILED .I dont know what to do now.Im so lost!!I hope someone can give me advice or info base on your experienced.Really need help.Thanks

Material i used:

Hurst review ( video)

Saunders Red

Kaplan 2014-2015 strategies

when you failed the first time did you focus on your weak areas from your nclex results?practice questions and all the reason why each answer is correct.Good Luck!

Yes I did focus on the weak area where I got below the passing level(Pharmacology) but I did not practice more questions because I just keep on reading content.Maybe im just a bad test taker!!Any suggestion on how to study and beat the NCLEX.

my suggestions is pratice questions.in pharm know classes of drug and what each does and side effects.etc.i used the nclex pn app.its a great tool.

oh didn't know u have a post here too. another recommendation for material i would say is Exam Cram i think it help me for my second time...

hopefully ppl here can give me input about the LaCharity book (work for PN?) and the NSCBN 3 weeks review....