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NCLEX PLS HELP! =( PLS...confused...

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i am a us immigrant. i went to the us mid may 2009 and plan to take my nclex exam there so i took my live scan fingerprinting in the states. but i changed my mind (i have a family here) and i wanted to have my review and nclex exam here in the philippines instead. i wanted to take the exam this november or december 2009. i have a ready nclex application and waiting to submit but i'm having second thoughts to submit it because i heard that when u receive the att, you have 90 days to respond to that or else you would have to pay again for test re-scheduling(my target testing sched is nov or dec).

my confusion now is. how do i tell in the application that i want to take my nclex exam here in the philippines but i took my fingerprinting already in the states. was my fingerprinting still valid to use? ..... or can i process my application in the states(my sister is there to help me pass my requirements) but take my exam here in the philippines? is that possible? and when is the best time to pass the application since i wanted to take the exam on november or december the least . i don't know what steps to take next. kindly help i'm so confused.

thank you so much for your help!

maybe u should just wait until August or September to submit your application to be on the safe side. I do know that once your application is processed and you receive your ATT, you can take the test ANYWHERE that there is a testing center. I applied for New York state licensure and took my boards in the state of Virginia

what state did you apply? if you apply for california, your ATT must be valid for 1 year. in other states it's 3 mons. Regarding your fingerprinting, it's still valid bec. either livescan or paper will do as long as you have submitted them. Regarding your test, if you want to take it in the phillipines, the one that is responsible to that is Pearson Vue. You submit your application to that state and you still have to wait 2-3 weeks for the response saying you are good to go, then after that - you apply for the test on pearson vue and put your testing center -(in Philippines,) if you don't find philippines i think you have to call them and tell them your testing center.

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