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Nclex 2nd attempt


Hello. I failed my first attempt at boards on Tuesday and I already re scheduled for June 29th. I feel that my nerves really got the best of me and I could have done better. I am due May 18th with my first baby and am worried about studying again. My question is what did people that had to re take it do different ? Did you guys study as hard Again? I did hurst and had a Kaplan book. Any suggestions would be great ! Thanks !

For me, I felt that I couldn't tackle the questions so I picked the Kaplan anywhere class and did that online. I feel that it helped me understand how to answer the questions better. Don't get me wrong though, I still left the testing center feeling like "*** was that". I did feel better than my first attempt. I passed.

From what I have seen, take the Kaplan class if you need help with questions. Take the hurst if it's content focus you need.

Also, keep keep saying ncsbn and Kaplan are close to nclex type questions.

After I failed, I took a month or two off (mainly because of the holidays came around). After that, I took Kaplan and did 150 questions a day and read the rationales. I kept doing that until the day before the exam.

Good luck

Thanks for the suggestion. I felt like I couldn't tackle the questions either. I was down to 2 and just ended up guessing. I did nscbn for the questions and thought nclex was harder.ive been hearing Kaplan questions are hard but good prep. Did you brush over content anymore or just focus on questions ?

Hey catmom. I failed my first time using ATI tutor. I passed the second time with Kaplan question bank. I'm not exactly sure if it helped, but it was better than nothing. I did go from an hour a day with ATI to 5 hours a day for 3 weeks with Kaplan. I tried understanding the rationale from the Kaplan question and try to improve my test taking strategy. Try looking into the NCSBN practice test questions bank. I don't know much about it, but its the company that distributes the NCLEX. I know the journey will be hard for you with a newborn, but don't let that stop you becoming a nurse! Take your time answering each question. Read each question and answer as many times you need to.