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NCLEX 2015 - My experience!!!

by dnursy dnursy (New) New

I couldn't believe every time I read someone's post saying they felt like they didn't know anything during the test, that they left the testing center feeling like they failed, and were extremely let down, etc… Until I took mine on January 16th, 2015 and felt EXACTLY the same way. I found out that all of my classmates felt the same way as well. So…trust me, this test is made to make you feel that way. It does not mean you have not succeeded though. I have kept in touch with about 30 people from my class and only one of them did not pass the first time.

How I prepared:

Took Kaplan's online classroom. I only did their QT 1-4, the diagnostic, and readiness test (Scores: QT1:53%, QT2:56%, QT3:56%, QT4:61%, Diagnostic:60%, Readiness:63%). I was planning on taking the remaining QT's and to practice a bunch of the QBank but I did not have time. Here's why: I interviewed for a job and they told me if hired I needed my license by Feb. 2nd. Well, on Jan. 12th I went to check the test dates, and the ONLY date available before February was Jan. 16th. I freaked out for a minute, but then decided I was going to give it a try. I really wanted that job, so I needed to at least try. So, my Kaplan course ended the day before my NCLEX, and I ended up going for it with the knowledge and the practice I had to that point. Passed with 80 questions. Whew!!!

I also used Kaplan's content review book to review the contents that I felt I wasn't strong at. My opinion: there's no strategy (such as the Decision Tree) that will save you if you don't have a strong content base. I found that the Decision Tree helps you develop critical thinking skills, but it WILL NOT be helpful for many questions if you don't know the content that the question is covering. I would recommend using a review book, don't waste time going back to your med-surg or other more detailed books. Those diseases that you've heard of many times but never know what they are? REVIEW THEM!! Lab values? REVIEW THEM!! Popular meds? REVIEW THEM!! Anything you find yourself struggling with when taking practice questions…make a list and REVIEW IT!!

Not trying to scare anybody, just giving my personal opinion based on my experience. At the end of the day, only YOU know what you need to focus on to prepare. Don't make you study plans based on other people's experiences. People told me I needed to practice all of Kaplan's questions in order to be well prepared. I didn't and still succeeded. We all have different levels of knowledge and we all have different learning styles. What I posted here is my opinion and what worked for me. Find out what works best for you. Trust your gut instincts, be confident, and cool your jets on test day!!!