Nclex , March 2014


First I must say thank you guys so much for the many inspiring threads, I read them all cried, laugh, learned from pass mistakes you name it. I love all nursing and recommend this site to my friends a lot for inspirations.

I took my NCLEX On March 27, for the first time and passed with 75 question in 3 hrs, not proud of the time, but happy that I passed.

Study tips, first I did not have finances for a review course, lost my job, I did practice questions from January to March everyday.My ATT took 8 weeks to process in NJ.

Started with Saunders Q & A, then I used Lipincott Q&A 4 weeks prior to my exam, and I was not disappointed Lipincott was on point with my exam. I also used Kaplan QB which was mentioned a lot here but felt the questions was very difficult compared to NCLEX. I had scores in the 60s and 70s.

Content review I used Saunders read what I was weak on and also felt it was important to go over Fundamental chapters so I did and was not disappointed. There is a utube and the 35 page study guide on this site also was useful. The one from utube was on point but not for free.

So that my nclex story it was a long journey so now I am preparing for the next phase my new job as a RN.

You can do it with and without a review class it is #dedication#perseverance.


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Congrats...what was the name of the youttude video??


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Congrats RN! It's true that this site really helps a lot of people. Everyone is helping each other and gives encouragement and hope. Good luck to your next journey nurse! :nurse: :up:


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Congratulations.... I have the youtube guide, should I concentrate on that or should I concentrate on quiz, do you think that youtube guide helped you a lot..... haven't done a lot of quiz, just did lacharity chapter 1-18..


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I did about approximately 4000 practice questions between saunders, lipincott, PDA, kaplan and nclex mastery.... What I did was questions everyday and I read a little content for 10 weeks.