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Hey all,

So I found out today that I passed my NCLEX-RN examination. I used nothing but Kaplan and thought that maybe my experience can help someone else through the massive amounts of stress. Here are the grades of my Kaplan Experience.

Question Trainer 1 - 62.7

QT 2 - 61.3

QT 3 - 51

- At this time I graduate from my nursing program and begin actually studying for my NCLEX

QT 4 - 56 - seeing this grade I went back to redo QT 1-3

QT 1 - 62.7

QT 2 - 73.3

QT 3 - 61

QT 4 - 89.3

QT 5 - 56.7

QT 6 - 60.5

QT 7 - 61.9

Qbank Sample Test 1 - 52

QBST 2 - 66

QBST 3 - 80 (Priorities)

QBST 4 - 36 (All Select All That Apply Questions, anything above a 40 is excellent)

I recommend doing QT 1-3 and heavily remediating then do all of the QBANK questions (do 75 at a time, increases your stamina) really take your time. I wrote down the rationales and looked up the things I didn't know in the Kaplan: Basics book. Then move on to the rest of the Question Trainers. I did 100% of all the QBANK questions and ended up with a cumulative of 58%. Watch ALL of the RN content videos!

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Congrats! Did you pay for the entire course? That one that costs about $500? Or did you only pay for the qbanks?


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I paid for the entire course. Very worth the 500. I would recommend it to everyone.


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wow congrats!!! did you pay online to get kaplan review? i plan to purchase kaplan qbank, but i came across two website so i hesitate to pay thinking if both websites are real. Can you help me which one is true?

In this website How do you prefer to prep for the NCLEX-RN®?, there is no option for NCLEX-RN Qbank Options with Ebook.

But in this website: NCLEX Qbank |, you will see an option of Qbank + ebook.

I appreciate your reply. Thank you :)