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NCLEX and Kaplan

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Hello Everyone ,

So I have read MANY blogs about how to pass the NCLEX and the different preps that were used. So I decided to start my own thread where I will be sharing my personal experiences and hopeful success. I will retaking NCLEX -RN for the second time on August 5, 2014 @8AM. I completed a Kaplan in class review about two weeks ago , and now utilizing the online materials. My school provided Kaplan during graduation week (NO WONDER I FAILED, HORRIBLE TIMING!!), and of course I didn't comprehend or truly care about the material. I can only blame myself for not being successful because I really didn't put in the time like I should've. Currently I am utilizing all aspects of Kaplan and my scores are mucccchhhh better!! I did not read the book cover to cover but I have covered a lot inside , and based it solely upon my weak areas. Any area that was not about a 50% is where I started to remediate, and then I would look over the ones under 60% just not as in depth. Here are my current scores from Kaplan.

Diagnostic : 60

Readiness : 63

Q4 : 52

Q5: 57

Q6: 56

QBank: so far I have done 420 questions (which I just started last week and been doing around 150 questions a day) I am 35% complete with an average of 60% so far (THAT DARN Reduction of Risk Potential UGH!) MY SCORES SO FAR WERE : 50, 60, 68, 68, 61, 53. So as u can see there not TERRIBLE but they could get better.

RN SAMPLE test #1 - 66%

- I have not did Q1-3 because my Kaplan instructor explained to me that it was solely content based questions which were not above passing level , so I do plan on looking through them but not my priority.

I AM going to continue to remediate and look over ALL the rationales. Any areas that I am weak on I will continue to review and see if its the content that I am getting wrong or the way that I am breaking down the question.

Feel Free to share you success/ failure stories , Kaplan scores , or other tips about studying :)

I will ensure to keep you all updated as this next week and a half comes. Hopefully a success story !

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I will await your results. I think you should do the Q1-Q3 trainers, and I know they are content based and not passing level questions. They will however help train you in noticing the important facts of the questions (the stem) and help you in making a competent decision. Making decisions is what nursing is all about. Kaplan isn't the best in content preparation but it is really firm on question training. Your grades are not that bad, really about the same as most of the people that post and end up passing.

I would post my grades but it wouldn't do you any good comparing my grades with your grades and my end result on the NCLEX. People pass with the results you got and people also fail. I think it is important to develop your confidence and learn to relax for the exam and just do your best.

Good luck and rock this.

Thank you so much . I will give an update , and yes I will go and do 1-3 . :)