NCLEX and Kaplan are controlling my summer and I hate it!!!


I'm really sorry but I just need to vent..

I'm scheduled to take my NCLEX-RN on July 2nd. For the past three weeks I've been studying everyday, Mon-Fri from about 9am-4pm off and on. My Kaplan course finishes up on Tuesday, and I'm not really sure how I feel about it. Below are my scores thus far:

Diagnostic test=63%

Qt1= 53%


Qt3= 55%


QT5=62%- just took today

Readiness Test= 73% -I thought this test was SO much easier than Qbank and question trainer

Avg so far on Qbank= 59%

I just feel that becaue I'm not doing well that studying for the NCLEX is all I can and should think about. I feel guilty whenever I'm not studying, even when I'm laying on the beach, all I can think about is my blue kaplan book!!!! I'm going crazy!!!!!!! And it's just a little upsetting to know that I still have a few more weeks to go before this all is over. I just don't understand how I could get such a high score on my readiness test and do so poorly with every other test!! I think the main reason I'm so frustrated is because this isn't like studying for a test in nursing school where you knew exactly what topics you were going to be asked. There is just so much to learn (and relearn) and I'm sooooooo stressed. :banghead::banghead::angryfire

Okay, thanks for listening to me! :redpinkhe Good luck to everyone preparing for the NCLEX!!

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I know, just breathe, it will be all over before you know it.


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I feel the same exact way. I have spent the whole time I've been out of school studying for this dreadful test, even took my saunders book with me on vacay and sat on the beach studying. I took NCLEX today, and I'm going to spend all weekend worrying about it, and then I start work Monday, some break! I hope I can have a life again soon!!!!:angryfire


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I totally understand what you mean. I graduated May 10th and have been studying almost everyday since. I am scheduled to take the NCLEX on Tues Jun 10th. I took the readiness test Thurs and scored a 68%.......Uggh! I cant seem to get over a 65% on any of the QTrainers or and made only one 70% on a Qbank test! Can any body help in this short time!

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Just think of it like this. At least you will have next summer to relax and enjoy the beach! So just sacrifice this summer!:):)

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