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Hi all!

I wanted to take the time to write on here as I religiously read many articles regarding studying tips and good pop-up instructions for after the NCLEX.

First, I wanted to start by saying that I used Kaplan and Hurst Review to prepare for the exam. I did not get amazing scores with either program. My Kaplan Question Trainer scores ranged form 42%-59% and my Qbank scores ranged from 39%-73%. Looking at those numbers, I was extremely nervous to sit for boards, knowing that the program states you should be getting around 65% to feel really confident. HOWEVER, I was not going to let the scores determine when I would be ready. I completed Question trainer 1-6, Readiness exam, and all Qbank.

In addition, I completed Hurst Live review and the four practice tests. I averaged about 58% on those tests (they recommend at least 61%).

Well, with all of that being said...I decided I was going to take the NCLEX after 3 weeks of studying nonstop each day. We were told in school that the longer you wait to take the exam, the percentage of passing the first time decreases.

Sooo, I took my exam on June 20, finished in 75 questions and felt like I failed SO BADLY. I only had about 8 SATA, 10 priority, and the rest felt like content questions. I was so distraught because everyone says the more SATA questions you get, the better you are doing. Luckily, that was not the case! I received my scores and found out that I PASSED!!!

My reason for this long post is to reassure people that yes studying does help but don't obsess over scores and don't base your test off of what your friends' had or what you read online. The NCLEX is different for everyone!!!

I believe in all you future RN's!!! Go kill it!!!

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