Nclex on June 2016


Took the nclex yesterday got so annoyed when I got to 87 and the computer did not shut off my brain started to tell me that I failed from hearing such great stories about 85 , went all the way to 205 . Went home tried the trick and it took my payment doing my research that means I failed I'm so stressed and depressed right now ...


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So sorry you are feeling that way, but before you conclude have you checked your BON website to see if your name appears with license number? Sometimes the PVT is not always accurate and may seem like you failed but you may actually have passed. Also, how did you prepare for the NCLEX? Did you use only one source, did you practice many questions and reviewed the rationales?


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Hey thanks for the response I definitely failed I called the licensing board for a ATT date and they gave me one .. I pretty much was going to a ready to pass class and doing u world and just reviewing some notes . I'm disappointed but not shocked I. Will pass next time I already scheduled my next test ..I will eat breathe n sleep nclex this go around