nclex an interview same day!


I need someones opinion....I have my NCLEX scheduled on 1/19 at 8:00am and then I just got called for an interview that same day at 2:00pm. Would you change your NCLEX date, so you wouldn't worry about the interview while taking the test?


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No, not unless I could get an earlier NCLEX date.


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The next test date available is 2/1. I think I'll stick with what I have, so I can go into the interview telling them that I have already taken the boards.


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I would concentrate on my NCLEX. It is most important b/c without it there is no RN. When you interview you will be able to explain you are looking for a GN position but have already taken your boards and are awaiting results.


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Go for it hon! Don't underestimate yourself. Most of us work best under pressure anyway. But focus is key. Psych yourself up for your nclex in the morning, then the moment the computer stops, remove all exam anxieties you have, and think postive thoughts so that you can do well on your interview. Eat a good lunch/snack after so that so can replenish your energy.

Good Luck! :)


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I would reschedule the interview. NCLEX is more important now than the interview because it will determine whether you get licensed or not. Besides that, your exam is at 8a and they say to allow atleast 6 hours for the NCLEX exam which puts it right at 2p-time for your interview. The last thing you want to do is get out of nclex exam and rush to an interview. Thats my :twocents: and btw, best of luck with the exam.

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I agree with the poster above. Having it on the same day is too much pressure. Concentrate on your NCLEX. I would be too stressed to think about my interview and what I had to say on top of thinking about passing boards.

Good luck with your decision and everything!


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I would reschedule the interview too... I just took NCLEX-RN yesterday and believe me I was "whacked" alllllll day haha. I made it home and within an hour was in my jammies trying to keep from vomiting from anxiety. I left NCLEX feeling like someone just hit me in the head with a baseball bat... no joke. I would reschedule the interview if at all possible so that you can focus on one thing at a time...

oh and CONGRATS on the interview!!!! those are hard to come by these days! LOL


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Unfortunately I'm going to keep both appointments, because you are right interviews are hard to come by. I tried scheduling the interview a different day but they want me to come in that day because they are having a charge nurse meeting and they will all be there. It will be hard and stressful, but that's the way nursing goes, might as well start now!