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Hi Everyone,

I am taking my boards on Thursday at 9 am and have a question regarding identification. It states that your photo ID has to appear exactly as your name on your authorization to test. I am concerned because they have my full name on my ATT letter and I have only my middle initial on my photo ID.

For example, my ATT letter has John Michael Doe and my photo ID has John M Doe Should this be a problem?

I just don't want to get there on Thursday and they tell me that I can't take the boards because my full middle name isn't on my photo ID. I am stressed about it too much already.

Thanks everyone!



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Hi. The same thing happened to me. I have 2 middle names as well. They had me as Jane M E Doe and my ID says Jane Mary Elizabeth Doe. I called the actual center 2 times and the national number 1 time. All times I was told that as long as the initials matched the actual name, it was fine. I had no problems on testing day, it didn't even come up.

Maybe if you call a few times and get peoples names who you talked to as well!

Good luck on the boards!


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Don't worry you should be just fine. Good Luck on the test. Remember to relax and keep telling your self that YOU CAN pass the test. :)

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