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Hi forum! First time poster, long time lurker.

I graduated this passed May and I am scheduled to take the nclex in 3 weeks. I am using Kaplan (book, QBanks, Trainers).

This is my problem: I can't seem to find the motivation to study. It's very frustrating because like everyone else here, I want to be a nurse so bad. I worked so hard to get into nursing school then worked hard to graduate from the BSN program. Well I have 3 weeks left to study and I've started by- the beginning of the kaplan book, then stopped. Then I started by the end of the book (last chapter) and stopped. Started to do the trainers and qbank questions and I stop. What's wrong with me? Has anyone ever experienced this as well? Started making flash cards for antibiotics and stopped that as well, so I came on here to see if anyone has any advice and maybe guide me in a different direction? None of what I'm doing is working.. I feel lost. If I don't get a grip on this today I'm going to have to reschedule the exam (again).

Make a schedule for yourself. Like tomorrow have a goal of completing 3 chapters.

Yes I made a calendar for myself. I just bought LaCharity's book so I'm hoping that will give me some motivation. My school also participates in the Kaplan program, so I've been doing kaplan since day one. Maybe that's why I'm so burnt.

heres some i will be taking the test for the forth time because i couldnt find the motivation to study the first time get in that book like your life depends on it you have more of a chance of passing the first time if you put your all in it put the moping down and make it happen good luck and study study study and pray god bless

I take mine in 3 weeks too. Although all I do is questions for here and there, I'm frustrated because I feel like nothing is sticking and I'm getting overwhelmed with which book to use. I even went back to my Med Surg book to look at things. I just bought the 3 weeks NCSBN hoping to keep me on schedule. I'm getting frustrated because I don't see my scores improving and beginning to stress out!!!

I would reccomend a planner or a journal to show in writting and to keep track of what you have read , studied and your scores. At first it may not seem helpful but as time passes it shows your progress as well as what you have accomplished and for me, it motivated me to continue. I also suggest you go to your local libbrary and use the study room to get you in a routine and out of your element. Also a strong coffe !

What helped me was to get into the habit of doing say 50-100 questions a day. Don't review an NCLEX review book from start-finish or review content that you know already, just the topics/areas in which you are struggling and getting the answers wrong. Then find more "new" questions on those topics to make sure that you understand and are getting them right.

Thank you. All good advice, especially not reading the book cover to cover. I think that's what was overwhelming me..

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Hello SugarSugar15!

I have noticed that so many people who prepare for NCLEX-RN try to answer 50-100 or more questions per day and then they say ... "I feel burned!" Of course you will fee this will not run a marathon without a preparation. You need to build mental endurance before you start jamming on 100 q per day. Let me share with you my concern's about going to the testing center unprepared... If you fail for the first time - computer will start asking you more difficult questions each time you come back. So... don't feel like you are a failure if you need to reschedule your testing day!!! Better to take your time, organize your studies and start small with even 10-25 questions per day. You will see your progress within few weeks and within 30 days - it is your habit, increase the amount of information but in 30 minutes increments. Try to take comprehensive test once on your own and evaluate your weak areas and your timing. Are you reading into questions? Are there enough time for all 265 questions? I'm reading all my rationals even my answers are correct. I made a great mistake by taking it my first test just out of my curiosity... second time is always harder!!! Take your time to prepare, and don't take your test until you answer at least 4,000 questions.

Wish you the best!


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