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Nclex experience

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Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to send some motivation out there to all of the amazing nursing students who have taken the Nclex or will take the Nclex in the future. Some background on how I studied, I first took a mandatory Kaplan Nclex review class provided by my school (personally I thought that this class was beneficial to me but everyones different). I then attended a Nclex review class that I personally paid for, in the class we went over some question strategies but mainly content (once again personally I needed to refresh myself on some content that I hadn't seen in a while). After that I took about 2 days off and got right to studying. I first started out doing mainly questions about 150-200 a day ( I spent about 6-7 hours studying a day BUT that is only because that is how I study) and that went on for about 3 weeks after that I started to study content for example Maternity,Psychiatric Nursing, Pediatrics, and Med Surge. While I was studying content I was still doing about 75 - 150 questions a day. I would mainly do Kaplan but i would also interchange between Saunders and Kaplan. Speaking of Kaplan my grades were ok not high just ok I believe I got a 59% on the readiness test. I am saying this because I know when I was studying I would go to this web site to see if i was doing horrible and for those that do see this I am here to tell you that don't freak out and start comparing yourself ( Like I did lol) everyone's different and as long as you're studying and making progress your are on the right track. ANYWAYS the day before my exam I treated myself I mean I splurged (spent money I knew I shouldn't) I bought clothes makeup, even a big floppy hat lol, I treated myself and told myself I deserved it because I WILL PASS THE NCLEX. Fast forward to exam time, I sat down at the computer and prayed and prayed and then started, I got to questions 75 and then 76 and then 100 and then 200 and then 220 something ( I hid the number counter so I'm not sure the exact number, I also took 3 breaks). I was so scared when the computer shut off I was trying to be positive but I was so scared I immediately started to pray and did that for the next 48 hours lol. Fast forward to 48 hours after my exam by the glory of God I found out that I passed! I'm writing this because I know I needed to see that someone else did not stop at 75 and also to let anyone who needs this know that just because your computer doesn't stop at 75 does not mean that you failed, so during test day sit up or even take a break pray, say I can do this I WILL PASS and keep on repeating it and you will. Sorry for the long story but I know I needed and saw stories like this so I wanted to hopefully motivate and help others as well!

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