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MenuSearch.hi I am an international nurse had my nursing more than 7 years need help for passing Nclex.wrote one time done with Kaplan and Saunders and still not confident after first attempt .first attempt failed with 75 questions but still worried because exam was easy .dont know what to do?? So much pressure from family.really want to overcome.please some advice and help.dont know what else I can do because tried everything no more money to spend.

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Are there any libraries near you? You can always go to a library and check out NCLEX study guides for free and work through those. Maybe this article will help? How Foreign Trained Nurses Can Pass the NCLEX Exam.

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At the end of the day, you are a nurse with experience. You know the fundamentals of nursing, and now you just need to look at the specifics of how the NCLEX will test you by taking more practice questions and developing strategies.